7 Best Work From Home Chairs For Your Spine 2022

7 Best Work From Home Chairs For Your Spine 2022

When you’re engrossed in paperwork, the last thing on your mind is your posture and seating position. However, working from home doesn’t need to be painful or take a toll on your spine.

When you’re spending every day sitting in the same seat, you want to invest in an ergonomic work chair to make sure you’re treating your back and all your organs as kindly as possible. This is why we’ve collated our top seven best work from home chairs.

It’s worth investing now in a supportive work from home office chair to save your back in later years. While ergonomic computer chairs tend to be a little pricier, your daily use combats the initial expense. Choose one of the best work from home chairs below, and you’ll be ready to transform your home office.

1. SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Overall

The SAMOFU ergonomic computer chair is the best overall work from home office chair. It’s large and holds up to 300lbs and therefore best suited for people 5’3″ to 6’3″ in height. The swivel work from home office chair also features an adjustable headrest and a footrest. It’s built to reduce pressure on your back and hips, with lumbar support, allowing for ultimate comfort while at your desk.

The wheels are silent and move in a way that doesn’t damage your floors, which is ideal for teleworking. What really makes this the best work from home chair is the 5-year warranty. It offers a great deal of support and flexibility, as well as high-quality customer service. This work from home office chair was created with your long 10+ hour days in mind.


Supports up to 300lbs 5-year warranty Mesh seat: breathable and sweat-proof Silent wheels which don’t damage your floors


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2. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – Most Affordable


Gaiam’s classic balance ball chair is one of the most innovative work from home office chairs. It offers an alternative solution to the traditional work from home chair – it aims to boost productivity, energy, and focus, all while being suitable for nearly everyone as it holds up to 300lbs.

This ergonomic work chair offers back support and encourages spine realignment. It relieves you of any back pain while strengthening your core. This work from home chair also features lockable wheels. The one downside is that it’s a bit complicated to set up as the chair must be at room temperature to inflate the ball correctly. While the quality is not to the highest standard, the price reflects this, making it a great option for those on a budget.


Affordable option for those on a tight budget Accessible: supports up to 300lbs Ergonomic – offering spine realignment and alleviating pain


Difficult to install Best suited for people 5’5″-5’11

Check Amazon’s price here. 

3. Aeris Swopper Air New Edition Ergonomic Stool – Expensive But Worth It


The Aeris Swopper Air New Edition Ergonomic Stool is one of the best work from home office chairs that we’ve reviewed.

It has special 3D patented technology, made especially with your back in mind. This ergonomic work chair promotes every seating position so that no matter how you sit, you’re fully supported. What’s more, it promotes deep breathing while you work, making sure you’re as productive and focused as possible.

Moreover, this ergonomic work chair also aids circulation and stimulates your metabolism with its unrestricted mobility. Instead of having a backrest, your muscles support your back which relieves pain and prevents tension. It’s handmade in Germany and made by a company that’s been combating back pain completely for the past 25 years.

The high-tech upholstery contains five finely tuned layers, 85% is made of New Zealand wool, and a breathable cover. There are no armrests here as it’s trying to allow you to sit without sitting still. The good quality customer service coupled with this top quality stool means this is one of the best work from home chairs, making the price the only drawback. If you can afford it, this is worth your investment.


Brilliant for supporting your posture with 3D patented technology High-quality customer service Top-quality materials including breathable cover and New Zealand wool upholstery


Make it yours today. 

4. NYPOT Kneeling Chair – Most Wanted


The NYPOT kneeling chair is one of the most sought-after work from home office chairs and is currently trending across the internet.

This ergonomic work chair is easily adjustable and can suit any height. One of the best features of the NYPOT is the fact that the rocking feature can be turned off or on when you want. The rocking movement increases blood flow around the body, improving concentration. It’s also multifunctional since you can use it as a stool.

The ergonomic computer chair alleviates any back pain by tilting your pelvis forward, encouraging a natural upright posture that activates your core. This is ideal for fostering productivity and focus while you work. The negative to this popular work from home office chair is that there is an issue with all pieces arriving together. If the whole product does arrive at once, then this is one of the best work from home chairs you can buy.


Promotes good posture Easily adjustable Easy to install


Pieces missing when delivered

Check Amazon’s price here.

5. Serta Ashland – Best Design


The Serta Ashland work from home office chair is the most stylish option. This is ideal if you work from home without an office, or live in a studio apartment and need your seat to transition from dining chair to home office.

The Serta Ashland features a rolling base, swivels and is made of 3″ extra thick non-toxic memory foam, making this one of the more comfortable chairs. This work from home chair is easy to assemble – it only takes 30 minutes with no extra tools. It also has an adjustable height and reclining option.

The only downside’s that the blush pink color highlights dirt, which makes this chair slightly harder to use at the dining table and as your work from home office chair. However, this is a small price to pay when due to the thick padding, your legs and back will never be sore again.


Comfortable non-toxic memory foam Easy to adapt to any decor Adjustable height and recliner


No armrests Difficult to hide dirt due to light color

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6. Flash Furniture – Best Warranty


Flash Furniture’s work from home office chair checks off some of the most important factors in your search. This work from home chair offers a stylish yet functional solution. It swivels and also features a ventilated mesh back comfort. The contoured sear relieves leg pressure and the lever also gives the choice of a rocking motion, upright position or tilted position.

The best aspect of this work from home office chair is the warranty feature. It has a five-year limited warranty on non-moving parts and a 2-year warranty on moving parts. While the padding is not out of this world, it’s easy to assemble and perfectly functional. Definitely, the selling factor of this chair is the long warranty.


Long warranty: 2/5 years Ventilated mesh back Easy to assemble


Check it out on Amazon. 

7. NOUHAUS Ergo3D – Best Features

The Nouhaus Ergo3D has some of the best features, making this one of the best work from home chairs. It swivels and cleverly has a breathable mesh back and lumbar support system to alleviate any back pain.

This work from home office chair has flippable adjustable armrests. This ergonomic work chair is heavy-duty with two sets of wheels to strengthen the seat as well as a footrest. This work from home office chair has all the tricks as it has a tilt function, making it easy to sit in for twelve hours during your working day.


Tilt function Flippable, adjustable armrests Swivels


Check Amazon’s price here.

Get Yourself the Best Work From Home Chairs Today

While each brand may appear similar at first, there’s a great variety of chairs with different features, levels of comfort, and other options. Some offer alternative solutions to the typical office chair, others promise to alleviate back pain and some offer brand new, never before seen technology.

No matter your vision – there is an ideal work from home office chair out there for you. Whether you’re searching for a long-term warranty, a quick fix short-term budget option, or a serious investment, you won’t go wrong by choosing one of the chairs we’ve recommended.

Get yourself the best work from home office chair that suit to you and your needs!

Featured photo credit: Arthur Lambillotte via unsplash.com

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